Core of our construction method is a 37 centimetres thick Baufritz wall with 24 centimetres of biological valuable and energy-saving wood chip insulation. The pollution-free bio-insulation named HOIZ is very wind-resistant; it contributes to an excellent energy balance, and such it guarantees a positive impact on protecting the climate. It consists of wood chips, whey and soda; the material is breathable, and with its properties it provides moisture management for healthy living in a natural environment. The climate in summer is very pleasant, and also in winter the full-value house offers best thermal insulation. The energy consumption is up to 50 per cent below the maximum value, which in Germany for example is mandatory by law.

Before transport, we pack the prefabricated wall elements and components into recyclable protective shrink wrap material. So they can be transported rain and wind proof to your plot. When planning the installation date, we of course take into account regional weather conditions and minimise the risk of rain by choosing the right day. Basically, the assembly can be completed in any season.

In advance, we coordinate the basement or the concrete floor slab with a local construction company so that everybody works hand in hand and everything is on time. Then, when an installer assembles the house within a few days at the construction site, all pieces fit together perfectly thanks to the millimetre-precise prefabrication. On the second day, interior work can begin. You will see that we plan all appointments with meticulous "German thoroughness" so that you can quickly move into your perfect dream house.

On request, we also construct your house earthquake and hurricane safe.