For Baufritz, your health is so very important that our sales consultants are not just salesmen, first of all they are certified building biologist who can give you professional advice on healthy building with wood. Because each of our homes is designed differently, nothing from the outside indicates that life in it is so extremely healthy. Wholesome living is a central promise of Baufritz, which also withstands the test of academics. Before even buying a plot you can have us analyse it biologically because we want to make sure that the whole setting will be right.

You can rely on the fact that we only use certified natural and pollution-free materials. This starts with windows and doors. Carpenters fit them into the external walls already at the factory, which is why they don’t have to use health-endangering chemical insulating foams. A pleasant side effect: There are no weak points in the house as far as energy is concerned because it is really tight. While giving the façade a dual environmentally friendly protective coating in the factory we make your house weather proof. We are against the use of harmful wood preservatives.

Baufritz is known for its unique electromagnetic protection. Our homes keep out up to 98 per cent of electromagnetic radiation. To reduce the exposure to the electrical installation, we use shielded electrical cables throughout the building. Smart home technology ensures that the components are no permanent sources of radiation.

Modern man spends about 90 per cent of his time in confined spaces. Indoor air often is five to seven times more polluted than outdoor air. The strictly biologically driven material selection ensures a unique air quality in every Baufritz home. This is another fact we document in our test reports by the time the construction of each house has been finished. If you suffer from allergies you will feel comfortable right from the beginning. The breathable and pollution-free organic insulation creates a healthy living environment.